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The Weekend Refuel Newsletter for 1/21/23

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Tis the season for new grill releases. This week we picked-up right where we left off last week.

Weber kicked it off with their new releases for 2023. The one that we had been waiting for is the Lumin, which is an electric grill. What makes it unique is it has an innovative grate design that allows for various methods of cooking. It can smoke, steam, sear, warm, heat from frozen, and griddle.

They also announced a new 3-burner griddle. It’s a good looking griddle that is slated to be released in spring. It claims to have even heat from edge to edge.

Nexgrill released another Home Depot exclusive with a 2-burner griddle that has a foldable cart. It’s an expansion the their existing Daytona griddle line. Home Depot is going to have some great exclusives this grilling season from Nexgrill between this griddle, the Oakford hybrid, and the Ora pizza oven.

While we’re still waiting for new products from Traeger this Q1, there was a Costco exclusive that was quietly released. It’s called the Trailhead and is a update to the Scout portable pellet grill. The only change we can see is it has an ARC controller now, presumably to help control temperatures better.

We’ll see if it ends up being for a grill this year, but Traeger had a new trademark filing this week. It’s for a connected grill called the Woodridge. That name doesn’t give much away, so we’ll be waiting to learn more about it.

Finally, Ooni launched an upgrade program for their pizza ovens. If you’re a current oven owner, you can get a 20% off discount code when you’re ready to upgrade. They don’t require a trade-in of your existing oven, they just kindly ask they you give it to a friend.

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