The Traeger Trailhead is Launched to Replace the Scout Portable Grill

It’s the season of grill releases, with Weber releasing an electric grill and a griddle yesterday. Traeger has promised two new grills in Q1 of this year too. While we’re waiting for those, they quietly released a new Costco exclusive model, the Trailhead.

We had been speculating about the Trailhead for some time. The release was so quiet that despite pictures of people purchasing the Trailhead on social media, there is no product page at Costco’s website or Traeger’s website yet. The only official evidence of it’s existence online is Traeger has a Support Guide for it.

Traeger Trailhead is the New Scout

The Trailhead is an updated portable pellet grill to replace the Scout. We don’t have any experience with the Scout, but there are quite a few complaints online about issues with holding temperature.

The Trailhead will presumably fix that with the help of a new controller. Instead of the Digital Pro Controller on the Scout, the Trailhead features an ARC Controller.

Beyond the new controller, the Trailhead looks the same and has the same specs as the Scout.

Specs and Features

  • Costco exclusive model
  • 176 square inches of grilling area
  • 4 lb hopper capacity
  • Weighs 45 lbs
  • Temperature range of 215°F to 450°F
  • Has 1 meat probe

Costco Roadshows

If you’re in the market for the Trailhead, make sure to go during a Roadshow. Costco runs events where they feature Traeger products and you can usually get special deals or free accessories. They do this with various Traeger products, including the popular Silverton model which has similarities to Traeger’s Pro series.

Costco has a schedule posted for their Roadshows and Traeger has posted the bundle items you can get by grill. For the Trailhead it’s a To-Go Bag and a Power Inverter, so you can run it off your car.


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