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Traeger to Release a New BBQ Sauce, New Rub, Even Another New Grill?

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Traeger unveiled the new Timberline XL grill at the much anticipated Trager Summit 2022, but do they plan to plan to release a new grill called the Traeger Trailhead? We’ll get into that and some other possible product releases. This article is all rumor, speculation and innuendo, but we’ll see what we get right.

Traeger has been moving more and more into other product categories with the release of sauces, rubs, meal kits, even cocktail mixers. In Q2 of 2021 alone, they entered the hot sauce category with Traeger Original Hot Sauce, launched two new sauces, which are Show Me The Honey and Liquid Gold, and launched two new rubs, Anything Rub and Perfect Pork Rub. They also expanded their distribution into Kroger stores with their sauces and rubs effective March of 2022. It looks like they are going to continue this trend with whiskey based flavors. Our non-factual opinion is that they will release Whiskey Hog BBQ sauce and Whiskey Dust rub in the near future (update here).

Onto the much bigger, much more speculative, total rumor. There’s something out there that’s going to be called the Traeger Trailhead. If we had to make a unsubstantiated guess, it’ll be a portable grill to compete with other popular offering like the Weber Traveler portable gas grill, or the newly released Masterbuilt Portable Charcoal Grill. In Traeger’s latest earnings call, their CEO said the following is their philosophy on product launches.

As in the past, Traeger’s strategy is to launch powerful innovations with a select number of premium SKUs initially and to cascade new features through the rest of the assortment over the next few years.

Jeremy Andrus, Chief Executive Officer of Traeger

If we had to guess, and we’re piling rumor on top of rumor, the Traeger Trailhead will be a new premium product in their portable grill line rather than a replacement for the Ranger or Traeger Tailgater. This could be completely wrong though and the Trailhead turns out to be nothing, as this is just speculation. We’re passionate about grilling though, and it’s fun to daydream about new products.

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