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Weber Traveler Portable Gas Grill is Released

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As the weather is heating up and people are out adventuring, there’s a new grill on the market to help everyone stay fed. That grill is the Weber Traveler portable gas grill (shop link on Weber.com). With the attached cart design, the Traveler can be wheeled anywhere rather than other adventure grill designs that are attached to car’s hitch.

Weber’s current portable, gas offering, the Weber Q will remain in Weber’s line-up and the Weber Traveler will accompany it as a premium offering. Since the Weber Q will be the logical comparison with the Traveler for anyone in the market for a portable gas grill, below is a feature comparison.

Weber Traveler Portable Gas GrillWeber Q 1200 Gas Grill
1,300 BTUs8,500 BTUs
37.2” H x 43.6” W x 23” D15.5″H x 40.9″W x 16.5″D
320 square inch cooking area189 square inch cooking area

Other unique features for the Weber Traveler are

• Compact fold that easily fits in the trunk of a car
• Large grilling area that can accommodate up to 15 burgers or 20 sausage
• Purposefully designed to optimize gas usage
• Grill is attached to the cart with automatic lid lock when folded
• Can accommodate a full-size, 20 lb. fuel tank when using an adapter hose

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