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Pit Boss Grills Announces a New Griddle Line, the Ultimate Griddle Series

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In the fast growing outdoor cooking industry, there’s a new griddle product line to compete with the popular Blackstone Griddle. Pit Boss Grills announced today that they are releasing a new griddle line called the Ultimate Griddle Series (click for our full review). There are four griddles models in the line, ranging from 2 burners all the way up to the largest model with 5 burners. A cool feature with the models with 2 to 4 burners are they’re portable and can lift off of their base so they can be transported anywhere. While not portable, the 5 burner model comes with a storage cabinet to help stay organized.

The new Pit Boss griddle also come with a proprietary Non-Stick Armored Ceramic Cooking Surface, that is ready to use out of the box, is easy to clean and resistant to scratches and rust.

We are very excited to bring our new Ultimate Griddle Series to market These griddles are a true game changer. We are blessed with the best product team in the industry, who continue to conceptualize and deliver innovative products that are market disrupters. We can’t wait for Pit Boss Nation to get their hands on these griddles and take their cooking to the next level.

Dansons President, Jeff Thiessen

Other feature of the new griddle line include:

  • Lift-off cooking top weight ranges from 55 lbs for the 2 burner model to 89 pounds on the 4 burner model
  • Cooking area ranging from 421 square inches to 647 square inches
  • Heat ranging from 26,000 BTUs to 50,000 BTUs, depending on the model
  • Chrome handles and knobs
  • Removeable grease tray
  • Best-in-class 2-year warranty

If you’re considering purchasing a Pit Boss Ultimate Griddle, make sure out our list of 5 Things to Know Before Buying a Pit Boss Ultimate Griddle.

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