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6 Things to Know Before Buying a Pit Boss Ultimate Griddle

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If you’re in the market for a new griddle, you’ve likely considered the Pit Boss Ultimate Griddle (also known as the Pit Boss Sierra at Walmart). It has great features and comes in 2-burner, 3-burner, 4-burner and even 5-burner models to meet just about anyone’s needs.

After getting some cooks under our belt on the Ultimate Griddle (see our full review), we reflected on some things we wish we knew prior to buying it. Here’s our list to help with your buying decision.

6. Where to Buy the Ultimate Griddle

We scoured the internet when we bought our griddle to find the cheapest price. A new griddle is a big investment, so we didn’t want to miss out on saving money. We found that the price is often cheaper at Amazon than directly from Pit Boss. We’ve included links below to price compare.

Pit Boss Ultimate Griddle 2-burner

Check price at Amazon

Check price at Pit Boss

Pit Boss Ultimate Griddle 3-burner

Check price at Amazon

Check price at Pit Boss

Pit Boss Ultimate Griddle 4-burner

Check price at Amazon

Check price at Pit Boss

Pit Boss Ultimate Griddle 5-burner

Check price at Amazon

Check price at Pit Boss

5. You Can Level the Griddle

One feature of the flat top grill that we didn’t see advertised, but is very useful, is leveling. Underneath the grill surface there is a screw at each corner that you can adjust by hand to level it.

One of our favorite things about the Ultimate Griddle series it’s also a portable griddle. The griddle lifts off of the cart, so you can take it anywhere. If you’re using it for camping frequently, the double burner griddle is a great pick because the cooktop is 55 lbs. That’s heavy but very manageable. Chances are though, like with all camping griddles, you’re using it on an uneven surface like a picnic table. The adjustable screws make it so you can keep the top level, so the oil doesn’t run all to one side.

4. Manual Lighting

When putting the grill together you’ll notice on the back of the grill there is a thin, metal rod attached to a chain. What’s it for?

It’s a handy tool for match lighting the griddle if your ignitor runs out of batteries or isn’t working. You light a match in one end of the metal rod, so you reach the burners with risking your fingers. This is perfect for reliability of the griddle, especially if you’re using it camping.

3. Get Extra Fuel

Like with all gas grills, there’s nothing worse than getting everything ready to grill, opening your propane tank only to realize it’s empty. Even worse, being mid-cook and having your gas run out. Always keep an extra, full, propane tank on hand for this scenario.

2. Non-Stick Griddle Surface

One of the reasons that the Ultimate Griddle is ultimate is because of it’s ceramic coated, non-stick surface. Much like using a non-stick pan though, that means no metal utensils. Our grill utensils are a sea of stainless steel, so we had to get new ones to keep the grill working well. We like this tool set made by Pit Boss for the griddle and these are the tongs we use. The utensils might be on the shorter side for some, but we like the control it gives.

1. How to Clean the Non-Stick Griddle

Piggybacking off the previous one, since the cooktop is nonstick, it has to be cleaned differently. If you’re cooking breakfast, you can get away with just wiping down the surface with a paper towel and water. Bring smash burgers into the mix and the grill top gets much messier. For that, you’ll want to use a wood grill scraper like this one.

When the Ultimate Griddle’s cooktop is getting really dirty, you can deep clean it with a gentle sponge and baking soda. Mix some water and baking soda to make a paste that you put on the griddle top. Then scrub it with your sponge and rinse it off. It’ll make the surface as good as new.

While the griddle comes seasoned from the factory, you should season it after cleaning it. This just means when you’re done cleaning it, wipe the cook surface down with some cooking oil before putting it away. This will help keep the griddle working well and help keep the surface non-stick.

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