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Read the Latest Weekly Newsletter – The Weekend Refuel – 7/2/22

Happy 4th of July Weekend! We hope you have a great weekend celebrating our country’s independence.

If you’re grilling on the 4th, you’re in good company, because it’s the biggest grilling holiday of the year. You also could be grilling on a Camp Chef Apex, because it officially went on sale. The pricey pellet grill can do quite a bit, but we’ll see how consumers respond to the price point. What’s odd is the price seems to be changing frequently. It’s not going on sale, just the MSRP fluctuates every time we look at it.

We previously covered Solo Brands patent infringement lawsuit against Duraflame for allegedly knocking off the Solo Stove. This week we took a look at another similarly designed smokeless fire pit. It could become hard for the Solo Stove to differentiate itself with all of the like products in the market.

As a continued look at Char-Broil’s innovation with electric grills, we speculated about what the Char-Broil CURRENT line could possibly be. It’s a trademark that just went public and covered quite a few product categories.

Also this week, Coleman unfortunately announced that they’re closing a cooler plant in TX. Meanwhile over in Louisiana, despite their failed attempt at going public, retailer BBQGuys has been growing warehouse space like crazy. With plans to hit $500 million in revenue by 2023, they’re going to need it.

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