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Is Char-Broil Working on a New Electric Grill Called Current?

As we’ve previously written about, Char-Broil is the at the head of the pack when it comes to electric grill innovation. They released the Edge last month, which is a first of its kind, full-size electric grill. It might just be a taste of things to come.

Recently, there was a trademark filing by Char-Broil for the Char-Broil CURRENT. Unlike the Edge trademark which was just for an electric grill, the CURRENT trademark covers electric grills, outdoor kitchen cabinets, and grilling accessories.

We don’t know if the namesake will come to market with all (or any) of those products. Char-Broil currently does have really cool, outdoor modular kitchen product. It would be a big differentiator if they had something similar for the electric grill market. That would push electric grilling to the next level.

One obstacle for electric grills is they’re limited to standard outlets for power. If an electric grill came to market that was made for outdoor kitchens, it could run off a 220 volt outlet. That’s the type of outlet that typically runs electric stoves. The increased power would dramatically increase the capabilities of an electric grill.

This is speculation, but if the timing from the trademark filing date of the Edge to market is any indicator, we could see Char-Broil CURRENT products as soon as next summer. We like what we’ve seen so far and hope to see continued electric grill innovation from Char-Broil.

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