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The Weekend Refuel Newsletter for 9/16/23

A few months ago Aaron Franklin released a new book, Franklin Smoke, which is the final book in the Franklin trilogy. It’s a fantastic read that focuses on home cooking. I sat down with Aaron to talk to him about his new book, and to learn even more about brisket. A BIG thanks to him for taking the time to chat!

The new Weber Q and Q+ have finally been released, well, at least in Australia and New Zealand. The biggest update is the new + burner. It’s a smaller, 5,000 BTU burner you can turn on for low and slow, or extra searing power.

Ninja released a new version of their popular Woodfire Grill. The new version is a connected grill that you can control through their phone app. It’s a differentiator from other electric grills on the market.

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Solo Brands continued their tech-forward approach by adding fulfillment robots to their Mexicali facility. They deployed 16 AI-powered Autonomous Mobile Robots (AMRs) in total, which work alongside human workers. They perform tasks for additional productivity and to eliminate physical strain.

Cuisinart has entered the electric pizza oven space, with their new indoor pizza oven. Like the Ooni Volt, it has active cooling to make it safe for indoors. It doesn’t have the performance of the Volt, but it’s at a significantly lower price point.

Ace Hardware has just gotten a much bigger footprint. Aubuchon, the large northeast hardware chain, has decided to convert to Ace stores. It adds an additional 76 stores to the Ace co-op.

Finally, Silverpoint has continued their display partnership with Kamado Joe in Europe. They teamed-up on a stand for The Little Viet Kitchen at the Big Feastival in the UK. The intent was to highlight how Kamado Joe products can be used in the backyard or a professional kitchen.

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