Solo Brands Partners with Locus Robotics on Fulfillment Robots

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Solo Brands has shown that they’re focused on implementing the latest tech to keep improving their business model. A recent example is they implemented generative AI for customer service. They’ve continued that pursuit by adding AI-powered Autonomous Mobile Robots (AMRs) to a fulfillment warehouse.

Through a partnership with Locus Robotics, they’ve deployed 16 AMRs, called LocusBots, to their Mexicali, Mexico facility. The LocusBots work alongside human workers to streamline operations by eliminating unproductive worker walking time and eliminating physical strain of lifting totes and pushing heavy carts.

Using the LocusBots for these tasks dramatically improves the overall workplace quality and worker safety.

LocusBots work collaboratively alongside Solo Brands’ workers, enhancing productivity, improving safety, and helping drive operational excellence. We are delighted to join forces with Solo Brands to speed order picking, lower labor costs, and deliver an amazing experience for their customers.

Rick Faulk, CEO of Locus Robotics

Not only are the LocusBots beneficial for improving tasks for the warehouse staff, they also help with customer satisfaction. Efficient order fulfillment is a key driver of customer satisfaction through reducing order processing times, accuracy, and quick delivery.

Customer satisfaction is something that Solo Brands has always been focused on as a traditionally direct-to-consumer brand.

We are excited to partner with Locus Robotics to revolutionize our order fulfillment operations. The integration of these advanced AMRs will not only increase the speed and accuracy of our order processing but also empower our dedicated workforce to focus on higher-value tasks, further elevating our overall efficiency.

Brett Kulesza, Operations Vice President of Solo Brands

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