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More Details Revealed on the New Weber Q Portable Grill Line

We’ve been following the release of the new Weber Q and Q+. Weber put out a teaser video for the Australian market last week, and now they have a new promo video that gets into some of the features.

UPDATE: Full details on the new Weber Q.

New Weber Q Features

The Weber Q has been popular for a long time. I’ve personally enjoyed it on many camping trips because of its size and it’s ease of use. It was always pretty basic in functionality, but Weber has added to that on the new model.

  • Better searing performance
  • Increased cooking area
  • A new low and slow mode
  • Easier to clean
  • An instant start button
  • An ambient temperature probe with Bluetooth compatibility

That’s a pretty good list of new features on the redesign.

What We Don’t Know

While Weber says the new Q line will be available for purchase soon, we’re anxiously waiting for them to hit their website. Below are a list of items we’d like to know.

  • Will the new Q be available in the USA? If so, when? The promo video implies at the end that it will be available around the world, but there still hasn’t been anything on any Weber US social media or websites.
  • What will the price be? It has a host of new features on tech, which usually translates into increased price.
  • It was great to see the list of new features, but we don’t have a deeper dive yet. We’re excited to learn more about the low and slow mode and how the new tech works.

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