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Weber Teases A New Q Portable Grill

We’ve been tracking and speculating that Weber will release a new version of their popular Weber Q portable grill. It appears that speculation was correct, as Weber put out a teaser video on their Facebook page.

UPDATE: Full details on the new Weber Q.

What’s interesting and unexpected about the Facebook teaser is it’s for the Australia and New Zealand markets. With a promise from Weber that more details will be released soon, we don’t know if they’ll also launch it in the US market.

It stands to reason that the new grill would come here though, given the popularity of the Q in the US and that it’s Weber’s largest market.

Weber Q+ Picture

As we noted before, Weber filed for a trademark for the Q+, which we can only assume will be a premium version of the Weber Q. It appears that McDonald’s in Australia is a little ahead of Weber with the new Q release.

They just started running their Monopoly game, and one of the prizes is a Weber Family Q+ Premium BBQ.

Weber Q+ Premium Family BBQ
Weber Q+ Premium Family BBQ – Source: McDonald’s Australia

The image isn’t the best quality, but you can spot some differences from the current Q model. The handle on the grill lid is updated with a sleeker design from both the old model and the new Q in the teaser video. The lid is also different in that the old version had an embossed Q logo on it.

The cart has been updated with a new shape, a Q logo on the front, new knobs, and some gray coloring by the side shelves. It’s also has a cabinet design rather than the metal mesh on the front of the old version.

The MSRP for the Weber Q+ prize is listed at $899 AUD.

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