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Is Weber Developing a New Weber Q Portable Gas Grill?

The Weber Q portable gas grill is a popular option for camping, tailgating, or anyone that just needs a small grill. While it’s long been successful for Weber, are they working on updating it?

UPDATE: Full details on the new Weber Q.

A new trademark filing would indicate that Weber is working on a refreshed Q. They recently filed for a new look to the Q logo. Below is the Q logo that is currently used.

Current Weber Q Logo
Current Weber Q Logo

What we’re assuming is the logo for the new Weber Q keeps the essence of the current logo, but changes the style a little. Below is the stylized Q from Weber’s filing.

New Weber Q Logo
New Weber Q Logo

It makes sense that Weber would update the grill to go with a new logo, so we’re anticipating a new Weber Q portable gas grill to be released in the near future. We’ll see what they can do to update the already popular grill.

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