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A New Weber Griddle is Announced for Spring 2023

Through the pandemic outdoor griddles grew rapidly in popularity. It even led to the largest griddle manufacturer, Blackstone, get inches away from an IPO. Now the largest grill manufacturer is getting in on the action by announcing on Instagram a new Weber Griddle for spring 2023.

Update: The new Weber griddle is released.

Unlike the Lumin, Weber’s other big grill launch for 2023, not many details have been released on the griddle. We just know what we can see in the picture. That’s a 3-burner griddle with a hard cover and two side shelves. They also promise temperatures over 500˚F for searing and even heat from edge to edge.

It’s a good looking griddle, that we’re eager to see in-person. We’ll see if it can cut into Blackstone’s dominance in the market, with an estimated 80% market share.

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