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Ooni Launches a Pizza Oven Upgrade Program

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Do you have an Ooni Koda 12, but now you want a Koda 16? Maybe you want to switch to a wood-fired Karu? Whatever the reason, if you’re an Ooni owner and you want to replace your oven, Ooni has you covered. They have just launched an upgrade program where you can get 20% off a new oven.

In a recent interview Ooni co-founder Darina Garland mentioned that they were looking at how to work with the Ooni resale market that has cropped-up. The upgrade program is Ooni’s solution to that.

How it works is if you’re an existing Ooni pizza oven owner and ready to move on, you can fill out a form on their website. In roughly 3-5 days a discount code will be emailed to you for 20% off a new oven. They suggest gifting your old pizza oven to a friend.

It’s a smart program because it matches Ooni’s corporate values, incentivizes repeat business, and introduces new consumers to Ooni. More Ooni pizza ovens in customers’ hands also helps sell more ingredients and accessories.

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