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Ooni Pizza Dough Balls Now For Sale

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While Ooni is expanding geographically with its pizza oven, it’s also growing into other categories. Today it was announced on Twitter that you can buy Ooni pizza dough balls. The dough comes frozen in packages of 24 dough balls that are 9 oz each. Each dough ball is made from ‘00’ Caputo Pizzeria flour and is sized for making 12″ pizzas.

Ooni was founded in 2012 when co-founder Kristian Tapaninaho was frustrated with the lack of consumer availability of pizza ovens. Fast forward 10 years and Ooni has grown their pizza oven business internationally with just under 300 employees.

Ooni offer pizza ovens at various price points and fuel options. The addition of selling dough balls will continue to bring accessibility to consumers. This may help Ooni defend their market share against new entrants, such as the Solo Stove Pi. The only bad news though, is within hours of announcing the new product on Twitter, all of the Ooni pizza dough balls were sold out. Here is a link to the product page where you can be notified when more stock is available.

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