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Ooni Expanding Into Australia With Their Popular Pizza Ovens

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The popular outdoor pizza oven brand Ooni is expanding their workforce into Australia. Ooni co-founder Darina Garland told the Herald Scotland that their biggest export market is North America, where it has an office in Austin, TX, but the company is targeting expansion in Australia.

We are talking about putting people on the ground there and growing a team.

Ooni co-founder Darina Garland

Ooni is a major player in the pizza oven market, which has seen many new entrants with the Solo Stove Pi, Blackstone accessories, the Gozney Dome coming to the US and even Traeger getting in with an announced pizza oven accessory for their new Timberline grill. They launched in 2012 in London, but moved to Scotland after three years where they began to scale. They have now grown their employee base to just under 300 people and have expanded into other product categories.

Ooni was created because co-founder Kristian Tapaninaho was frustrated with the availability of pizza ovens to consumers. This frustration has grown into a fast growing business, offering a line of six different pizza ovens with wood fired, gas and duel fuel options.

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