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Traeger is the Justin Bieber of Outdoor Cooking

There are so many exciting new pellet grills, gas grills, and pizza ovens available for grilling season, but we’re stuck inside waiting for the weather to warm up. We thought what better use of time than to analyze the social media following of various outdoor cooking companies. We used Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and TikTok for this completely non-scientific analysis. Our results wouldn’t feel complete without saying, follow us on Twitter and Pinterest.

The “Justin Bieber of Outdoor Cooking” award goes to Traeger. They are competitive across all platforms except Tik Tok, but they are absolutely crushing it in Instagram. With 1.1 million followers on Instagram, they are more than double the next company, Ooni with 536,000 followers. In total the Traegerhood has an impressive 1.7 million followers across all platforms analyzed.

With Weber celebrating their 70th anniversary this year and continuing to innovative with cool products like Traveler portable gas grill and the new Genesis line, there’s no shame in playing the role of the Washington Generals to Traeger’s Harlem Globetrotters. They came in second place with a solid performance across all categories and 1.1 million followers total.

Camp Chef is the Leatherman Multi-tool of the outdoor cooking world which we think translated to success in social media following. With broad appeal across outdoor cooking and outdoor adventuring, they came in first on Facebook and had a really solid performance on TikTok, perhaps meaning they are popular across age ranges. This helped them come in third place with 976,395 followers.

The “It’s Lit!” award of outdoor cooking, not surprisingly, goes to Blackstone. With how popular their Blackstone griddle videos are online, they are head and shoulders above the competition on TikTok with 210,900 followers. That’s an impressive 52% higher than the next outdoor cooking company, Solo Stove. What’s interesting is Blackstone and Solo Stove also had the best financial earnings this quarter.

FacebookInstagramTwitter TikTokTotal
Camp Chef695,314151,0007,681122,400976,395
Pit Boss564,164301,00020,10049,800935,064
Solo Stove236,578272,00010,400139,100658,078
Social media followers by platform
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