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The Solo Stove Heat Deflector is Now Available

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With the availability of cast iron grill cooking system and other accessories, the Solo Stove smokeless fire pit is quite a versatile device. Amongst the hype of Solo Stove’s great earnings results and the excitement around the release of then new pizza oven, the Solo Stove Pi, another useful accessory became available. The Solo Stove heat deflector, which had been available for pre-order are now reaching customers.

One of the major complaints about the Solo Stove smokeless fire pit design is all of the heat goes pretty much straight up. That can be great on a warm day, but in the cold months and nighttime, a little more warmth is needed. As Solo Stove did with the cast iron grill cooking system, they listened to their customers and released a heat deflector.

The idea is simple, yet effective at deflecting the heat that would go straight up, back down to keep everyone’s feet and legs warm. The heat deflector is a nice looking design that compliments the aesthetic of the Solo Stove and other Solo Stove accessories. It’s also made out of 304 stainless steel for durability. The addition of accessories like this and the cooking system should help differentiate the Solo Stove and fend off alleged knock offs in the marketplace.

If you have the Solo Stove Yukon, then you have access to a much better supply of wood than we do, but also unfortunately, the heat deflector isn’t shipping for that model as of writing. The heat deflector for that model is estimated to start shipping May 2nd.

Solo Stove Heat Deflector
Solo Stove Heat Deflector
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