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Solo Stove Accessories Buyer’s Guide

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Solo Stove is a popular pick for people in the market for a smokeless fire pit. It has a sleek design and it gets the job done. It also is popular because it’s more than just something to have a bonfire in. Solo Stove has made it much more versatile by continually releasing new accessories for it. We compiled a buyer’s guide for all the various solo stove accessories.

Solo Stove Heat Deflector

Solo Stove Bonfire Heat Deflector
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The most recent Solo Stove accessory to be released is the Heat Deflector. Solo Stove listened to their customers when they said that the problem with the smokeless fire pit design is it sends all the heat straight up. This accessory remedied that by deflecting the heat back down to keep your feet and legs warm. This is perfect for when the weather is colder or those cool nights. If you live somewhere warm, or are using the fire as ambiance, you can probably skip this one.

Solo Stove Lid

Solo Stove Lid

The Solo Stove Lid has two uses.

  1. When you’re done with your fire and it’s down to embers, you can put this on to keep it safe.
  2. When the Lid is on, you can use your Solo Stove as a little table
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This accessory is good for piece of mind and safety at night and it’s reasonably priced. This is definitely worth getting.

Solo Stove Shield

Solo Stove Shield

The next Solo Stove accessory on the list is the Shield. It’s a screen that goes on top of the Solo Stove to protect you and your outdoor furniture from when the fire pops. It’s a neat design because the top part comes off and then you have an open fire to roast marshmallows. There are even 4 grooves in the top to rest your marshmallow sticks to make it easier. If you have small kids or expensive outdoor furniture, this accessory is worth it. If you’re just using your Solo Stove to take camping, you can skip this one.

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Solo Stove Shelter

Solo Stove Shelter

Shelter is the fancy term that Solo Stove uses for cover. It will keep your fire pit “sheltered” from the elements. There’s not much more to say about it than that. If you plan on keeping your Solo Stove outside, this is essential. If you plan on moving it somewhere safe between uses, you can save a little money by skipping this.

Solo Stove Stand

Solo Stove Stand

The Stand is a useful accessory because it will protect the surface under your Stove Stove from heat when you have a fire. Plus, the name of it is an alliteration (queue the high school English test) and who doesn’t love that?

This is an essential accessory unless you plan on just using your Solo Stove on dirt or camping.

Cooking System

Solo Stove Grill Top

The Solo Stove has a cooking system that is a two piece design. There’s a hub and then different cooking surfaces you can put on it. The 3 cooking surface options are below.

  1. Griddle top
  2. Wok top
  3. Grill top (pictured)

These are by no means essential accessories for the Solo Stove, but they are fun to have to allow you to cook on it.

Other Solo Stove Accessories

These accessories are other items that Solo Stove sells, but aren’t really functional to the fire pit itself.

  • Handle – This is a little handle that goes in the fire pit to make it easier to move. Solo Stove’s most popular fire pit, the Bonfire, weighs 20 lbs. It’s a judgement call if this will make it easier for you if you need to move your Solo Stove.
  • Fire Pit Tools – The tools are an angled poker and a log grabber, both in 304 stainless steel. These are nice to have, but if you’re on a budget, you can get by without them or with some cheaper ones.
  • Sticks – Solo Stove makes some really nice, 304 stainless steel, roasting sticks. They come with a carrying case for storage. These are like the Fire Pit Tools, nice to have, but not essential.

Solo Stove is always listening to what customers want and releasing more accessories. We would have liked to add prices to the list, but Solo Stove continually is running sales, so the prices change. Click any of the links in the article to go to the product page to check the updated price. We’ll add to this list as more accessories are released in the future.

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