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Pitts & Spitts Introduces More Smoke to the Maverick Pellet Grill

A problem that grill companies are tackling right now is that there isn’t enough smoke produced by a pellet grill. We saw one solution with Camp Chef’s Woodwind Pro last fall, and now Pitts & Spitts has another that doesn’t even require you to buy a new grill.

For those not familiar, Pitts & Spitts is a grill and smoker company out of Houston, TX, offering American made, high-quality products. They also do a great job of bringing innovative products to market.

Pitts & Spitts Smoke Cage Front View
Pitts & Spitts Smoke Cage Front View

Smoke Cage

Their latest innovation is the Smoke Cage, which is a smoker box accessory for their Maverick line of pellet grills. It sits next to the burn pot and has a chute for you to drop in fresh wood. The location of it allows the circulating air to fan the flames. It’s a creative way to add additional smoke to your cook.

What’s nice for any current Maverick owners is it’s an add-on accessory, which means a new grill isn’t needed. Like all things Pitts & Spitts, it’s made of heavy gage steel. It retails for $149.99 (check price) at the time of writing and is an easy install.

Pitts & Spitts Smoke Cage with Deflector
Pitts & Spitts Smoke Cage with Deflector

Grease Management

With the chute design, there are questions online about if there are issues with grease management. Pitts & Spitts have said on their blog post announcing the product that they didn’t run into any issues during testing. They also note that if it’s a concern, you can foil the drop pan to direct the grease.

In addition to Pitts & Spitts comment about their internal testing, Steve Gow from Smoke Trails BBQ tests it in his review video on the product and didn’t see it as a problem.

All Levels of Smoke Available

What’s nice about the addition of the Smoke Cage is Pitts & Spitts now has a product for all desired levels of smoke. If you’re going for the ultimate in ease with some smoke flavor, go for the Maverick pellet grill. If you want a little more, get the Smoke Cage for it. If you want even more, all the way up to an offset smoker, they offer a pellet and offset hybrid smoker.

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