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Ooni Continues it’s Vision by Becoming a Certified B Corp

Ooni has a vision to help people around the world make pizza at home in a way that has a positive impact on the planet and its people. That vision is so important to them that they’ve gone through the process of becoming a Certified B Corp.

This is huge news for Ooni. We’ve always strongly felt that business should be a force for good and becoming a certified B Corp has been an ambition of ours for a long time. It was an incredibly thorough process that has resulted in best practice across the entirety of the business. These policies and practices are now locked into the way we work at Ooni, which is a massive step on our path to becoming a regenerative business.

Darina Garland, co-CEO and co-Founder of Ooni

According to Ooni’s press release, B Corps are companies that have been verified by B Lab™ to meet high standards of social and environmental performance, accountability and transparency. Becoming a B Corp is something that Ooni has worked for a long time on, beginning in 2017 when they just had a team if 17.

Businesses that want to become a B Corp have to go through a “B Impact Assessment” which evaluates the business on governance, workers, customers, community and environment. It also requires that the Articles for forming the business are amended to include a commitment to all stakeholders, beyond just the shareholders.

To learn more about the initiatives behind the certification, Ooni has an Impact page on their website. Beyond words on a page, evidence of Ooni’s values can be seen in their recently announced upgrade program that allows customers to get a discount on a new oven with the suggestion of gifting their old one.

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