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Is Traeger Developing a Grill Called the Woodridge?

The lead-up to grilling season is exciting because we see new grills get released. Recently we’ve seen the Nexgrill Oakford 1150 Pro hybrid, the Nexgrill Ora pizza oven, and a long awaited Blackstone pizza oven. Does Traeger also have a new grill in the works called the Traeger Woodridge?

According to a trademark filing, Traeger filed for the name Woodridge. While the trademark description covers a few things, it narrows in on a wirelessly connected pellet grill.

We don’t know much about the Woodridge yet, other than the name and that it’s likely a grill. Unlike other names that you see for grills, Woodridge doesn’t really give anything away or give any clues.

Traeger had a big release last spring with the new Timberline and has said they have two releases coming for Q1 2023. We’re eagerly awaiting more details.

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