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Read the Weekend Refuel Newsletter for 1/7/23

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With 2022 coming to a close, we took a look back at outdoor cooking products that were announced for 2022, but never were released. You’ll see a pizza oven accessory from Traeger, an electric grill from Napoleon, and a pizza oven from Blackstone all on the list.

Coincidentally, right after we published the article, Blackstone re-announced (is that a word) their pizza oven. They didn’t give any other details though other than it will be coming soon. Then, just a day later they launched it for sale on their website. It’s pretty odd to tease something for just a day.

Last month we published an interview I did with Rick Martin from Texas Star Grill Shop about his story founding the Houston-based store. This week we posted the second part of that interview where he talks about what they do to make their shop so successful. While our discussion was about his shop, the lessons learned can be applied to many different businesses.

While Solo Stove has been feverously expanding their product line-up, they also quietly discontinued a relatively new product. The Solo Stove Grill is no longer available. Maybe it was cannibalized by the fire pit grill accessories, or maybe it was a casualty of the overall grill market. Either way, if you want one, there is limited stock at various retailers.

Finally, a new Ace Hardware is coming to southern California. Westlake ACE announced that they signed a lease to bring a 16,000 square-foot location to Simi Valley. It’s coming on the heals of them opening another southern California location in the early summer.

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