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Ahead of the Split, Vista Outdoor Gives their CAO a Retention Award

It’s big year for Vista Outdoor where they’re going to split the business into two public companies. One company will house their Shooting Sports segments, while the other will be of their Outdoor Products businesses. Knowing that, they’ve granted a retention award to their Controller and Chief Accounting Officer, Mark Kowalski.

According to an SEC filing, he’ll be granted 8,322 shares of restricted stock units (RSUs) on January 15, 2023. As of the close of business on December 19th, 2022, when the letter for the equity award went out, the RSUs were worth just under $200k.

25% of the shares will vest one year from when they were granted, while the other 75% will vest on the second anniversary of the grant date.

While going through a transaction like Vista Outdoor is, it’s important to keep the executive team together. Their CFO took a different opportunity in recent months, so retention of their remaining finance and accounting executives is even more essential.

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