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A New Blackstone Pizza Oven is Announced…Again

We have been waiting for Blackstone to release their pizza oven that was teased all through 2022. Coincidentally, we even wrote an article earlier today noting that it wasn’t released yet. According to Blackstone’s Instagram, the wait is over and they are going to release the pizza oven.

Update: They only teased it for a day, it’s now been released.

From previous articles that we’ve written about the long awaited launch, it’s similar to their previous pizza oven, but re-engineered. It will get to around 900 degrees like other pizza ovens, but what makes it different is it has a rotating turntable. This makes it so once the pizza is in the oven, you don’t have to turn it with a peel.

Pizza ovens are a good market for Blackstone to expand into. Solo Stove has had good financial results with the Solo Stove Pi and Ooni mentioned that they’ll actually see positive growth this year. That’s a drastically different story from grill companies.

No launch date or any other details have been released on the oven. We’ll report on it as soon as we learn more.

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