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The Solo Stove Grill is Discontinued

While Solo Stove has expanded their line-up with many new products and accessories this year, they’ve also got rid of one. The Solo Stove Grill is no more.

The short-lived Solo Stove Grill was only released a little more than two years ago. It was almost like a Solo Stove fire pit cut in half, with a grill grate on top. It also had a stand to elevate it to sitting level.

What makes Solo Stove fire pits unique is their ever expanding accessories, which includes a cooking system. It likely made the Grill not have a place with Solo Stove’s line-up. There isn’t a compelling reason to buy it over a fire pit.

While it had a unique design, there also wasn’t much to make it stand-out in the crowded grill market.

Solo Stove hasn’t made an official announcement that it’s been discontinued, but there is no mention of it on their website anymore. At other retailers that carry it, there is low stock or no stock. We reached out to Solo Stove’s support and they confirmed that they do not carry the Grill anymore.

We’re sad to see any grills leave the market, but this is the right move by Solo Stove. They’ve had success with their recent launches, so best to focus on what works.

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