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The Weekend Refuel Newsletter for 12/17/22, and Top Articles in 2022

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We were off for most of the week, but there were a couple news stories. Also, in this week’s newsletter we take a look back at the stories that got the most views on CookOut News in 2022.

While we learned last week that Weber’s CFO is leaving, his work isn’t done yet. This week Weber had to get a covenant waiver for their debt with Bank of America. This means that for a fee, and the backing of BDT Capital, Weber can exceed the debt levels specified in their credit agreement.

It’s not a good place to be in, and is why they have to go private in the first place. If they weren’t being bought, there’s a good chance they’d be on their way to bankruptcy.

Halo teased a new 4-burner griddle this week for 2023 release. Their line-up to this point has been all portables. They have some great designs, so it will be exciting to see it when it’s released.

Top 5 Articles of 2022

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