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Halo Teases New 4-Burner Griddle – A Departure From Portables

The full-size griddle market is about to get a little more crowded. Halo teased today a new 4 burner griddle for release in 2023.

For those not familiar, Halo is pretty new to outdoor cooking. It was founded a couple years ago by Paul Simon, who was their CEO until his tragic passing earlier this year. Until this new griddle, they’ve focused on portable, tabletop products like a pizza oven, a 1-burner griddle and the first battery powered pellet grill.

It appears that Halo is expanding their line-up away from portable cooking. They sent out a teaser video for a 4-burner griddle, and while it doesn’t give any details, it’s unlikely that it’s a portable product.

The griddle looks to have the same sleek design that we’ve come to expect from Halo. Their 1-burner griddle had some very though-out engineering, so we’re excited to learn more about this griddle in the coming months.

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