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Read the Latest Weekly Newsletter – The Weekend Refuel – 9/10/22

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It’s the perfect weekend to grill. The busyness of the summer is waning, the weather is still warm and it’s NFL kick-off weekend.

If you’re looking to spend time outside and need a great fire pit that doubles as a grill, check out our review of the cooking capabilities of the BioLite FirePit+. If you’re not, read it and be amused that we spent the time to reverse sear a filet on a fire pit.

Fire pits have been really popular in recent years. It appears that Blackstone is aware of this and has a trademark filing in “outdoor heating”. We’ll see if they actually use that for a product that comes to market.

American Outdoor Brands reported earnings this week and it was more of the same; inventory, inflation, headwinds, etc. One notable announcement in their earnings release though is they’re consolidating Grilla Grills, which they acquired earlier this year. The founding Holland, MI facility and another in Dallas are being closed, with operations moving to Missouri.

Pizza oven maker Gozney announced how they are dealing with supply chain headwinds. Due to inflation, higher material costs and other challenges, they’re raising prices on their Gozney Dome on October 1st.

Over at Traeger where their rebuild is underway, they announced a couple executive promotions this week. The new roles are Chief Operating Officer and Chief Sales Officer.

A Traeger foe may have come out with an innovative new grill. There is a teaser website for RIPT wood chip grills. It works like a pellet grill, but uses wood chips for fuel. We take a look at the information out there and if it’s a spinoff of Green Mountain Grills.

Finally, if you’re in need of some lump charcoal, The Good Charcoal Company released 8 lb bags of their Acacia charcoal. The proceeds of the sales go to help a good cause in Georgia. As we learned when we interviewed their CEO, they do a lot of good locally and through their charcoal production. Plus, their charcoal works great.

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