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The Good Charcoal Company Launches 8 lb Bags and #8Pounds4Good Campaign

The Good Charcoal Company, who is known for their quality Acacia lump charcoal as well as their positive environmental and community impact, has released new 8 lb bags of charcoal on HomeDepot.com. In conjunction with the launch they announced the “#8Pounds4Good” campaign. This campaign partners with the Feeding Georgia Families organization, which provides food and basic resource assistance.

In addition to a $10,000 donation to Feeding Georgia Families, profit from the sale of the 8 lb bags of charcoal sold this year on HomeDepot.com will go to the organization. The monetary contributions will assist with operational expenses and support well-being programs and services.

As part of The Good Charcoal’s mission to give back to local communities and support those experiencing food insecurity, we are always looking for ways to do good. With the launch of the new 8lb bag, we remain true to our mission and are thrilled to be partnering with Feeding GA Families to help those in need. As The Good Charcoal Company continues to expand its portfolio and brand, we look forward to better serving and meeting the demands of our local communities.

Ben Jablonski, Chief Executive Officer of The Good Charcoal Company

The Good Charcoal Company will host monthly barbecues at Feeding Georgia Families facilities. They will provide community members with hot meals in addition to their weekly groceries.

Feeding GA Families is honored to be working with The Good Charcoal Company to reduce food and resource insecurity within our local Georgia community. Through the ‘#8Pounds4Good’ campaign, proceeds will help our organization achieve key donation goals and stay the course of providing greater access to food and basic resources for those in need.

Ali Rivera, CFO of Feeding Georgia Families

We sat down with CEO, Ben Jablonski earlier this year and learned all about their mission and charcoal. This is another good great campaign by The Good Charcoal Company. Beyond their mission, we often use their charcoal in product testing because it’s high quality.

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