Gozney to Raise Prices October 1st, Cites Increased Supply Chain Costs

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Gozney, the pizza oven company behind the popular Gozney Dome and Roccbox, sent out an email to customers last night announcing price increases. Much like other outdoor cooking companies, they’re facing headwinds from increased supply chain costs.

Below is the text from the email blast that discusses the business challenges behind the price increases.

Sadly, one unavoidable consequence of the last few years has been the skyrocketing costs of raw materials, manufacturing, and shipping. Despite absorbing as much of the increases as we can until now, the inflationary pressures mean we, unfortunately, do have to increase some of our product pricing to mitigate some of the costs we are witnessing throughout our business and supply chain.


To deal with the expense pressure, they’re going to hold their current prices through September and implement the following price increases on October 1st, 2022.

ProductCurrent MSRPNew MSRP
Dome Dual Fuel LPG$1,799.00$1,999.00
Dome Wood Only$1,499.00$1,699.00
Dome Steam Injector$29.00$35.00
Dome Cover$79.00$99.00
Pizza Rocker$29.00$39.00
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Raising prices in a possible recession is a risky tactic and the opposite direction of other outdoor cooking companies. Traeger, for instance, implemented price increases through the pandemic, but announced on they’re last earnings call that they’ll be running additional promotions this year to deal with high inventory levels. We’ll see if the move pays off for Gozney.


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