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Pizza Oven Maker Gozney Valued at Over $120 Million

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Earlier this year pizza oven maker Gozney Ltd. expanded operations to the US and brought with it the immensely popular Gozney Dome. Now, according to an interview with founder Tom Gozney in the New Milton Advertiser & Lymington Times, the business has hit a valuation of over £100 million ($120 million at the time of writing).

Founded in 2010 to supply the hospitality industry, Gozney has since rapidly expanded into the consumer market with the release of the Roccbox in 2016. One of the first portable and lightweight pizza ovens with a stone floor, the Roccbox started on Indiegogo where it was a hit. The pizza oven campaign raised over $1.2 million by 2,481 backers.

Gozney Roccbox
Gozney Roccbox

Gozney followed the success of the Roccbox up by releasing another hit product. The Gozney Dome was released last year and demand was so great that it sold out within hours. It was an industry success as well, taking home a Red Dot Design award. That led to the Dome expanding sales into the US market in March of 2022.

It wasn’t just the Dome that expanded to the US, Gozney also opened a location in Park City, UT. According to an interview with Tom Gozney in the Daily Echo, the Park City location is now home to around 15 employees. Utah is quickly becoming a hotspot for outdoor cooking companies.

Gozney Dome
Gozney Dome
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