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Nexgrill Files a Trademark for SPIRE Grill

The summer has come to a close and companies are planning for grill future grill releases. Nexgrill has been innovating their grill line-up this year with the release of the Neevo gas grill and the Oakford pellet grill, both are smart grills that interface with the Nexgrill app. It appears that Nexgrill has another new grill in the works called SPIRE.

According to a trademark filing released today, the Nexgrill SPIRE appears to be a future grill that they’re developing. It’s a pretty broad trademark that covers grills of all fuel types including gas, pellet, charcoal, electric. It also cover the SPIRE name for use on barbecue utensils.

Definitions of the word spire don’t give many clues as to what Nexgrill is developing. Spire can mean the top or pinnacle, which could be anything. On the other hand a spire can be defined as a coil, which would hint at an electric grill, an increasingly popular fuel source. Either way, we’ll keep digging for any updates out of Nexgrill.

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