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The Weekend Refuel Newsletter for 4/22/23

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As the warmer months are fast approaching, we have some new product releases this week. Starting with Char-Broil, they released a new 28″ griddle with a hard cover, and a tabletop griddle to go along with it. Now, all the largest grill companies have released new griddles this year.

BioLite launched a new-ish rocket stove this week called the EcoZoom Versa. It’s been on the market for a little while, but it’s now part of BioLite’s catalog because they acquired EcoZoom a few years ago. Like all rocket stoves, you can count on it to be fuel efficient.

Fire pit company Breeo released yet another cooking accessory for their fire pits this week. It’s a skillet rest that sits on the side of the fire pit. They have the best cooking accessories, and like all their products, it’s made out of 304 stainless in the USA.

As I mentioned on my appearance on The BBQ Central Show this week, Grilla Grills came out with a portable power station. A similar solution to a battery powered pellet grill, the power station is designed to power a pellet grill for up to 8 hours.

Grills Grills also released information on their growth strategy this week. As part of that they’re planning to expand more in Canada. They’re also going to build more of a retail presence for the direct-to-consumer brand.

As part of Gozney’s brand building, they launched the Secret Supper Club. It’s a 5-stop tour of great chef’s with a live fire menu, and an opportunity for consumers to get hands-on with pizza. It sounds like a cool event, but if you’re in the US, you’ll have to try to get a ticket to the Utah stop because NYC and LA are both sold out.

Finally, Traeger’s proxy statement was released this week, which details executive compensation. Their CEO earned $0 in 2022 as part of an agreement when they did their IPO. He won’t receive compensation until 2027. The $138,473,423 he earned in 2021 will have to hold him over.

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