BioLite Releases a Rocket Stove, the EcoZoom Versa

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BioLite has a great selection of products that are energy efficient and unique. We tested both their fire pit with Bluetooth and their camp stove that can recharge your phone, and really liked both products. Now they’re adding to that energy efficient line-up with the EcoZoom Versa rocket stove.

BioLite EcoZoom Versa Front
BioLite EcoZoom Versa Front

New-ish Product

The EcoZoom Versa is a brand new product on BioLite’s website, so it’s a new release for them. You’ll notice on the product page though they list “1,000+ five star reviews on Amazon”, and have a bunch of customer photos.

How can a new product have so many reviews and so much customer content?

The reason is in 2019 BioLite and EcoZoom formed a strategic partnership, according to BioLite. Company database Crunchbase, however, calls it an acquisition.

With the EcoZoom East team joining BioLite’s headquarters as full-time employees, we’d lean more towards it being an acquisition of some sort.

Regardless or the specifics of the partnership, it’s both a new product for BioLite and a tried and true product for EcoZoom.

BioLite EcoZoom Versa with Pan Cooking
BioLite EcoZoom Versa with Pan Cooking

Specs and Features

  • Retail price of $159.95 (check price)
  • Has a 10″ cast-iron cooktop
  • The handles have silicone grips to keep you from burning your hands
  • Two doors to control the temperature with airflow, or to put out the fire
  • A support to hold wood while it’s being loaded into the stove
  • Can be fueled off wood or charcoal
  • Weighs 14.5 lbs

Rocket Stove

For those not familiar, a rocket stove has a combustion chamber with a vertical, insulated chimney. They produce less smoke, and thereby are more fuel efficient than other stoves. It’s a great design for cooking while camping, off-grid living, or just having fun in the backyard.


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