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Grilla Grills Plans a Retail Expansion and Growth in Canada

Yesterday, Grilla Grills launched their first new product since being acquired by American Outdoor Brands (AOB) last year. AOB also released a new strategy deck that highlights their growth plans.

While most of the deck was focused on their Bubba fishing brand, there were a couple tidbits about Grilla Grills.

Canadian Expansion

Grilla Grills Canadian Expansion
Grilla Grills Canadian Expansion

AOB has plans to grow their business to $400 million in revenue over the next 4-5 years. They want 10% of that to come from international markets, which would be $30 million in growth.

Grilla Grills started shipping to Canada around 5 years ago, and partner with BBQVille Canada on the retail side in Calgary. They think that there’s more they can do in that market, so part of that $30 million in international growth will come from the Grilla Grills brand.

Retail Expansion

Grilla Grills Retail Expansion
Grilla Grills Retail Expansion

Unlike many of AOB’s other brands, Grilla Grills is primarily a DTC brand. As part of their growth strategy they plan to expand the retail footprint.

No breakouts were given on the how much of that is coming from Grilla Grills, but they have a pretty minimal footprint today. Any expansion would translate a large increase in retail revenue on a percentage basis.

Grilla Grills Growth Expectations
Grilla Grills Growth Expectations

Both growth opportunities in retail and international support AOB’s previously stated goal of growing Grilla Grills. At the time of acquisition it had about $15 million in revenue. AOB thinks it’s a $100 million brand.

New Products

While Grilla Grills released the Grilla Power Supply yesterday, they still have more new products coming in 2023. The timeline has lapsed that was previously given, but the latest investor presentation says there are new products coming.

There’s no news on the what the new products are yet, but they say there are “new products/categories set for launch in 2023”.

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