The Weekend Refuel Newsletter for 3/11/23

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Daylight savings is upon us once again, ensuring my kids are extra tired and I’m extra tired for another week or so. I do like the extra light in the evening though, because it increases the odds that I won’t need my headlamp for cooking.

There have been a surprising number of vertical pellet smokers this year, and Camp Chef just released what could be the best of the bunch. It uses their Smoke Box technology from the Woodwind Pro to give much better smoke flavor than you can get from pellets alone. It’s not officially for sale on their website yet, but I’m hearing it likely will be within the next couple of weeks with a price of $899.

Another new product on the market is Gozney released the Mantel earlier this month for their pizza ovens. It’s a little shelf that attaches to the front of the oven to give extra prep space. It’s a cool idea, especially for the Dome.

With the new Traegers on the market, Ace Hardware is looking to move their Gen 1 Timberlines. It’s still a solid pellet grill, and Ace is discounting it by $700. With the price creep on new Traegers, that’s a great price.

Over at Lowe’s they’re looking for new products by holding a pitch event for new suppliers. It’s the second year they’ve done this, and is a great opportunity for small businesses and entrepreneurs to get their products on store shelves.

Solo Brands released earnings this week, and turned in a good quarter. What’s interesting is their revenue growth came from wholesale partnerships, rather than direct-to-consumer sales. They also talked about despite inflation, they’re able to hold pricing while preserving margins.

American Outdoor Brands also released earnings this week, but theirs were pretty rough. Beyond their results, we’re still waiting for new Grilla Grills products that should have come out by now. They did note however that sales on the brand increased organically since the same quarter last year.

Finally, over at Vista Outdoor they saw some more attrition. They recently lost their CFO, CEO, and General Counsel for a variety of reasons. Now, the Vice Chairman of their Board announced his retirement.


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