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Gozney Releases the Mantel to Give Extra Space to Their Pizza Ovens

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Pizza oven company Gozney has just released a great new accessory to give a little more space to their pizza ovens. Called the Mantel, it attaches to the front of the Dome or the smaller Roccbox adding prep space to the oven.

Gozney Mantel

The Mantel is useful accessory for when you need to tend to the food you’re cooking. In the case of pizzas, it’s good for turning and checking, while with other food it’s a great shelf for basting and keeping warm.

Dome Mantel

Since the Dome is great for cooking a variety of food beside just pizza, this is an essential accessory. Retailing for $149 (check price), the Dome Mantel is made from ceramic coated 201 stainless steel, with a 304 stainless steel scratch guard.

It’s a little wider than the opening on the Dome and about 3 1/4″ inches deep. It easily bolts on to the Dome for a secure work surface.

Roccbox Mantel

Much like the Mantel on the Dome, the Roccbox version is great to give extra space for food prep. It retails for $59 (check price), and is made out of 304 stainless steel. It adds about 6 inches of extra depth to the front of the oven.

What’s different about the Roccbox version is it has slots in it to keep air moving, and your pizza crust crispy while it’s resting on it. It also just snaps into place, rather than needing to be bolted on.

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