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The HALO Elite Outdoor Griddle Does What Other Griddles Can’t

While there was a ton of hype around the release of the new Weber Griddle, and the premium priced Traeger Flatrock, there was a griddle released a week earlier that could be the best of the bunch. As they teased in December, HALO entered the full-sized griddle market with their Elite series griddles.

HALO Elite4B Griddle
HALO Elite4B Griddle

HALO Elite Series Line-Up

While HALO previously had a very thought-out single burner griddle, they released three new, full-sized griddles. The griddles range from two burners on the HALO Elite2B to four burners on the Elite4B.

They range in price from $699.99 (check price) for the two Elite2B, to $899.99 (check price) for the Elite3B, and $999.99 (check price) for the Elite4B. Griddle surface area goes from 480 square inches on the smallest griddle to 720 square inches on the largest.

The three models appear to have the same features. The only difference we can see is the max temperature on the Elite2B is 50°F less than the other models.

HALO Elite4B Griddle Cooking
HALO Elite4B Griddle Cooking

Natural Gas Compatible

A feature that a lot of people who love grilling want is the ability to use natural gas. It saves you from lugging propane tanks to the store, or running out of fuel mid-cook. We’re happy to report the whole Elite griddle series is natural gas compatible with a $79.99 conversion kit.

Closed Lid During Cooking

You’ll notice that, despite griddles coming to market with hard lids, they’ll say the griddle can’t be used with the lid closed. The lid is used just for storing the griddle. That’s not the case with the Elite griddles. You can cook with the lid closed, locking in the heat, and keeping out the cold.

HALO Elite4B Griddle Inset Top
HALO Elite4B Griddle Inset Top

Unique Burners for Even Heat and Eight Zones

It’s not a typo, the burner design allows for two zones for every burner. You can see the double figure eight setup in the featured image for this article. It allows for two separate zones, giving the Elite4B griddle up to eight cooking zones. It also gives wall to wall coverage without cold spots.

High Temperatures

The temperature range of the Elite series is industry leading. It goes from a low of 300°F all the way up to 750°F on the Elite3B and Elite4B. That will give some great searing on steaks.

Lift-Off Design

One feature that we really like when testing the Pit Boss Ultimate Griddle is that you can lift the griddle off the cart. That’s helpful if you want to take it with you camping, tailgating or to the anywhere else.

While weight begins to get prohibitive with more burners, it’s a nice to have feature. The Elite series has this feature, so you can never be without your full-sized griddle.

Other Specs Features

HALO Elite4B Griddle Warming Rack
HALO Elite4B Griddle Warming Rack

There are almost too many features to list without this article getting too long, but below are some more features on the HALO Elite series.

  • There’s a warming rack that sits above the griddle, for further temperature management
  • It take only 10 minutes to warm up the griddle
  • Inset griddle top to lock in heat and keep out the wind
  • Site glasses on the burner, so you can always see if your burner is lit
  • Large rear grease management system
  • Included bubble level and height adjustable casters, so you oil doesn’t pool in one side
  • Built-in squeegee to clean your utensils right into the grease management while cooking
HALO Elite4B Griddle Burner Site Glass
HALO Elite4B Griddle Burner Site Glass


Like all of HALO’s products, their new Elite series griddles have an incredibly thought-out design. While their products carry a premium, they bring features to back up the price. If you’re looking for a griddle with the most features, look no further than the HALO Elite.

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