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Solo Stove Partners with Frndly TV on a Holiday Bonfire Pop-Up Channel

Solo Stove recently has been releasing a bunch of new products with the Tower patio heater, the Mesa tabletop fire pit, a flame resistant blanket and most recently the Surround. Through a partnership with Frndly TV, they’re bringing their new Bonfire 2.0 to your living room with the Cozy Holiday Bonfire Presented by Solo Stove channel.

Similar to a crackling fireplace channel, Solo Stove’s channel will show a fire in their Bonfire 2.0 in a holiday setting with a QR code so viewers can learn more about it.

According to Next TV, the channel runs from November 8th through January 3,2023.

At Solo Stove we know there’s nothing like time spent outside. We love it. This holiday season we’re excited to partner with Frndly TV to bring the relaxing sounds of the great outdoors, Bonfire-powered fire pit crackling, and cozy visuals to TVs all across the country. It’s the next best thing to sitting next to our smokeless fire pits in your own backyard.

Chris Johnson, Solo Stove director of brand

The scene will run on an hour long loop and runs 24 hours a day. The loops are coordinated to match with the time of day.

The unique marketing partnership was secured by Frndly TV’s national ad sales partner Orama Advisors.

While our subscribers enjoy the traditional Yule Log during the holiday season, they also love the outdoors and we thought this would be a fun, new way to present a holiday pop-up channel.

Steve Sklar, Frndly TV’s head of Advertising Sales

Frndly TV offers live TV streaming service, like other providers on the market, but claim they’re the most affordable. They offer 40+ channels for $6.99 per month with no commitment. For anyone that doesn’t want to spend the money on Solo Stove’s new Bonfire 2.0, this might just be the cheapest alternative to enjoy it.

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SourceNext TV

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