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Breeo Releases a New Flat Top Griddle for its Fire Pits

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Breeo has been focused on cooking with their fire pits from the time the company was founded. With the Outpost Grill and their recent Pizza Oven, they have some of the best cooking accessories. They’ve added to their cooking collection with the release of a new griddle attachment.

Features and Specs

  • Retail price ranges from $150 to $350 (check price) depending on the size of your fire pit
  • The griddle for the X30 and X42 has a removeable heat shield on the back to make using it more comfortable
  • Weighs from 11 lbs to 43 lbs depending on the size of the griddle
  • Compatibility
    • Flat Top 19: Y Series, X Series 19 (Note: Not compatible with X19 Insert Ring)
    • Flat Top 24: X Series 24, X24 Insert Ring
    • Flat Top 30: X Series 30, X30 Insert Ring
    • Flat Top 42: X Series 42

Design and Construction

The Breeo Flat Top is made of carbon steel at their factory in Pennsylvania, like their fire pits and other accessories. The griddle arrives pre-oiled with food-grade oil, so it’s ready for the first seasoning.

Breeo Fire Pit with Flat Top Griddle
Breeo Fire Pit with Flat Top Griddle

To keep your food from rolling into the fire when your cooking, three of the edges are rolled up to create walls. They left a cutout for a grease drip on the back wall to keep your griddle from becoming a total mess and for clean-up after your done cooking.

There’s a silicone handle on one side of the griddle to make transportation to and from the fire pit easy. Just remember that the griddle plate will be very hot when you’re done cooking, so wait for it to cool or use high-quality heat protecting gloves.

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