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Breeo Releases One of the Best Fire Pit Pizza Ovens

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As Breeo fire pit fans know, Breeo makes super high quality products with thick steel, right here in the USA (in Lancaster County, PA to be specific). They’ve brought that level of craftsmanship to another great product, a live fire pizza oven.

Their pizza oven perches on top of their fire pits, and it appears to be one of the best fire pit pizza ovens we’ve seen. Taking it a step farther, out of the pizza ovens on the market, this is solid oven.

Breeo Pizza Oven Heat Flow Design
Breeo Pizza Oven Heat Flow Design

It follows a similar design to a traditional dome oven, but adjusted for a fire underneath. Rather than having a fire in the back or side like other pizza ovens, there’s a hole in the back of the oven that allows heat to come up and oven the pizza.

Features and Specs

  • Retail price of $850 (check price)
  • Comes in stainless steel or Corten steel if you like patina
  • Compatible with the X24, X30, and Luxeve Bree fire pits
  • Weighs 76 lbs with the pizza stones

What We Like About It

Beyond the solid steel build of the pizza oven, below are some additional features we like about it.

Breeo Pizza Oven On a Fire Pit
Breeo Pizza Oven On a Fire Pit

Thick Pizza Stones

The way a pizza oven works is the stones in a pizza oven cook the crust, while the heat from the fire cooks the top. That’s why having thick stones are beneficial, because a thick stone translates to more heat retention.

This pizza oven has some of the thickest stones out there at 7/8″. That’s especially helpful for a pizza oven that uses a wood fire because the fire isn’t as easy to control as with gas.

Large Fire Opening

Fire management on a pizza oven is very important to get the stone and air to the ideal temperature. Adding wood to the Breeo pizza oven is made easy by the large opening in the front. Just remember to use small pieces of wood to keep the fire going and avoid large peaks and valleys in the heat.

What We Don’t Like About It


Quality and cheap don’t usually go together, and this pizza oven is no different. At $850 this is a costly product, especially if you don’t already have an accompanying fire pit. It gets more expensive if you factor in that you’ll also need at least a peel for pizza making.

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