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FireBoard Spark Review – Much More than a Meat Thermometer

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There are no shortage of options when it comes to meat thermometers. If you’re like me though, you want one that’s really accurate and really fast. A popular option is the FireBoard Spark, which meets both of those criteria. I wanted to see how well it worked, so FireBoard sent me one to test out.

Multiple Devices in One

Calling the Spark a meat thermometer is a bit of a misnomer. While it does a great job of performing that primary task, it also has more uses that make grilling or barbecuing easier.

Single Channel Probe

You’ll notice on the side of the Spark there’s a port for meat probe. Not only is it a meat thermometer, but you can use it with a meat probe (sold separately) to constantly keep an eye on your cook. It will display the temperature on the large display, or on the FireBoard app to monitor it remotely.

FireBoard Spark With a Temperature Probe
FireBoard Spark With a Temperature Probe

Display for Other Devices

The other really cool feature with the Spark is what FireBoard calls SyncMode. This allows you to use Spark as a display for other FireBoard devices, such as the FireBoard 2.

FireBoard Spark and FireBoard 2 in Boxes
FireBoard Spark and FireBoard 2 in Boxes

As discussed in our FireBoard 2 review, it’s a device that has six temperature probe ports. This allows you to easily monitor the temperature of multiple pieces of meat, the temperature in your cooker, or any combination of the two.

FireBoard Spark Being Used As A Display
FireBoard Spark Being Used As A Display

While reading temperatures on your phone is nice, it can be much more convenient to have a physical remote display. This keeps you from having to click into the app over and over again. It’s less of an issue if you’re cooking on a temperature regulated smoker like a pellet grill, but if you’re using a traditional charcoal smoker or an offset, a separate remote display makes life easier.

Features and Specs

  • Retail price of $149 (check price)
  • Temperature range of -58 to 572 ̊F
    • Accuracy of ±0.7 ̊F from -4 to 392 ̊F; ±1.8 ̊F (±1.0 ̊C) full range
  • Rechargeable battery that keeps it going for about a year
  • IP66 waterproof to protect against spills or inclement weather
  • Records temperature readings in about a second

Meat Thermometer

As a meat thermometer, the Spark works really well. It’s easy to hold and has a long probe for checking if your food is done. The wide temperature range covers any food you’d want to cook and even things like hot oil.

Grilling With The FireBoard Spark
Grilling With The FireBoard Spark


Beyond the core features that we covered in detail above, below are some additional pros and cons with the Spark.

Quick and Accurate Readings

The Spark gives you quick and accurate temperature readings so you can check if your food is done without waiting around. What’s nice about this thermometer is it vibrates once it’s done reading a temperature, so you easily know when you’ve held it in place long enough.

Checking a Turkey With The FireBoard Spark Meat Thermometer
Checking a Turkey With The FireBoard Spark Meat Thermometer

Easy to Read Display

The display on this is really nice. The display is large, bright and has good contrast which makes it easy to read in any conditions. It also automatically rotates the display to the direction that it’s being held.

Magnetic Back

The magnetic back to the Spark makes it easy to find a place for it. If all your shelf space is being used on your grill you can just stick it to the side. It also makes me less worried about knocking it off as I’m shuffling things around.

FireBoard Spark With Magnetic Backing
FireBoard Spark With Magnetic Backing

Made in the USA

It’s hard to find products made here anymore, so it’s worth pointing it out when one is. That’s the case with FireBoard, they make their products in Kansas City, MO.


Heavier than Other Thermometers

When your using the Spark as a meat thermometer, it’s noticeably heavier than other meat thermometers. All those features are obviously going to add weight, but it’s worth noting.


This is by no means a reflection of the value you’re getting for the features, but the price of the unit isn’t cheap. Using it for more than a meat thermometer will make you feel better about spending the money.

Doesn’t Come with a Probe

A really nice feature of the Spark is that you can use it with a temperature probe that you can monitor on your phone. Unfortunately, it doesn’t come with a temperature probe to use that feature. Probes are a little under $20, depending on which type you buy.


You can tell from the features, the pros, and the cons that I really like the FireBoard Spark. It’s a unique product when you look at all that it can do. Plus, everything it advertises it does really well. It’s not cheap for a meat thermometer, but it is when you factor in everything else.

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