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Read the Latest Weekly Newsletter – The Weekend Refuel – 7/16/22

Good Morning! Earnings through June have begun for public outdoor cooking companies. That means we start to get to see how the summer is shaping up for grill sales and hopefully other news.

American Outdoor Brands (AOB) reported earnings on Thursday, where they talked a little about Grilla Grills, whom they acquired recently. They announced that they plan on releasing new products this fall, with a “major” release in the spring. They also said they see a growth path to $100 million in revenue from the current $15 million.

Whiskey or (whisky) was in the news this week with Traeger partnering with WhistlePig on a co-branded, smoked rye whiskey. Big Green Egg also announced a partnership with Highland Park Whisky on a series of combined events through the summer.

Nexgrill is joining other companies by announcing that new products will be coming out that connect with their app, currently used for the Neevo grill. Traeger interestingly enough now spends more on software than they do on hardware.

In other news, Weber hosted an event with Prime Video and Operation BBQ Relief to honor local Gold Star, active military, and veterans and their families in Nashville. The free “Dinner and a Show” featured a screening of The Terminal List while serving up BBQ.

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