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Traeger Partners with WhistlePig on SmokeStock Whiskey

Not to be outdone by Big Green Egg, grill maker Traeger has teamed up with American rye whiskey producer WhistlePig on a new smoked whiskey called SmokeStock Wood Fired Whiskey.

The limited edition whiskey is aged in American Oak No. 3 char barrels and then smoked in two ways. First slow smoked with Traeger’s Apple BBQ wood pellets in the barrel and then by incorporating smoke into the water that’s used to proof down the whiskey from barrel proof. According to WhistlePig, This imparts campfire smoke and subtle savory notes alongside their signature bold and spice-forward style.

From a prepared statement via The Whiskey Wash:

WhistlePig is known for pushing boundaries in the name of quality and great taste. Nothing matches our big, complex flavor better than a shared meal, which is why we created our first ever smoked whiskey with the brand that invented wood fired flavor. SmokeStock is a nod to the American cookout season, and we can’t wait to see how customers make it their own. Personally, I recommend enjoying it lakeside, alongside a rack of wood-fired ribs!

Meghan Ireland, WhistlePig Blender

Todd Smith, CMO of Traeger Grills added to that statement and in the process likely confirmed a rumor that we reported on.

The work of two great, authentic brands, always makes for an incredible story to tell. It’s been fun to collaborate with the WhistlePig team on their SmokeStock whiskey, infused with delicious wood fired flavor for ultimate summer sipping. We’re excited to push these summer flavors even farther into the fall with the launch of a limited edition Traeger x WhistlePig whiskey-infused rub and sauce, as well as a wood pellet made from recycled WhistlePig whiskey barrels.

Todd Smith, CMO of Traeger Grills

We’re speculating that the rub and sauce referenced for release this fall will be called the Whiskey Hog BBQ sauce and the Whiskey Dust rub (update here).

The tasting notes from WhistlePig on the SmokeStock whiskey are as follows.

  • Nose – Smoky notes with hints of leather and vanilla.
  • Palate – Smoke gradually wells up on the palate bringing a mouthful of warm creamy apple and slight savory notes of barbecue.
  • Finish – Long and smoky with our signature Rye finish.

If you’re one of the lucky ones in a state that allows online liquor delivery, you can buy the whiskey here. Otherwise, like me, you’ll be hunting store shelves later this summer.

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