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Read the Latest Weekly Newsletter – The Weekend Refuel – 10/8/22

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It’s early October, which means two things, fall weather and the Lions establishing their last place supremacy in the NFC North. Is it too early to think about next year?

For football fans looking for a BBQ sauce, Jackson State’s QB Shedeur Sanders has a product for you. Through an NIL deal he’s launched #2 BBQ Sauce, presumably because he wears #2 and not because there’s one sauce better.

Traeger also has their attention on consumables, being one of the growth areas of their business. They launched a new whiskey themed sauce, rub and pellets in partnership with WhistlePig. This builds off their SmokeStock whiskey they released earlier in the year.

Traeger also expanded their Board of Directors this week to 11 members with the addition of Milwaukee Tool’s Group President Steven Richman. He’ll receive $75,000 in cash compensation and $192,500 in equity for his time on the board.

HALO announced that they’re increasing prices on both their Versa 16 pizza oven and the recently released Prime300 portable pellet grill. The $50 added to both products’ price tags is due to “a shifting economy and unforeseen cost increases”.

Solo Stove is betting on consumer demand for custom fire pits as they released color options for their new Fire Pit 2.0. They first added this to their original fire pit at the end of last year and the recently released Mesa tabletop fire pit. They’re exploring adding individual engraving this year as well.

If you know someone buying a grill, there’s a good chance it’s a gas grill with an expected 43% market share in 2023. That’s a significant decline from 60% 8 years ago, according to some data from Blackstone’s quashed IPO. They also expect the charcoal grill market share to be halved during the same time period. That could spell trouble for gas and charcoal grill dominant companies like Weber.

If you’re not worried about fit and finish and just want performance, check out the Bertello pizza oven. It’s priced significantly less than the Ooni Karu 16, but you get what you pay for in some regards. We tested the Bertello on a special artisan table that matched the pizza oven’s aesthetic.

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