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HALO Announces Price Increases on Versa 16 Pizza Oven, Prime300 Grill

Following pizza oven maker Gozney’s lead, HALO announced today that effective November 1st, 2022 they’ll be increasing prices. HALO’s current products are the Versa 16 pizza oven and the recently released Prime300 portable pellet grill. Both will see a $50 price increase to $549.99. Halo Products Group had the following to say in an email press release.

This price increase is the result of a shifting economy and unforeseen cost increases. We hope the transparency and timing of this announcement allows you to plan and prepare for how this increase might affect you.

Halo Products Group

The most surprising part of the announcement is the Prime300 portable pellet grill is seeing a price increase. HALO released that product within the last couple of months, so you’d think they would have established initial pricing at margin levels consistent with their operations.

The Prime300 is unique for a pellet grill because it can run off an internal battery, making it truly portable. Our major critique however when it was announced is at $499.99, not including the battery, it was priced high compared to the market. We’ll see how demand holds up to another $50 on the price tag, making it much more expensive than other portable pellet grills and other portable grill options.

Price Increase Optics

It’s worth noting that as a way to message the price increase and for better optics, HALO is currently advertising their pricing as a discount to the post-November 1st increase. The Versa 16 product page for example shows the pizza oven at 9% off at $499.99 from $549.99.

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