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Possible New Grilla Grills Products for 2023

We’re inching closer to grilling season and we’re still waiting for new Grilla Grills products to be released any day now, as promised. We’ve seen 2023 releases from Weber, Blackstone, Nexgrill, and Traeger is releasing grills tomorrow, but no new Grilla Grills products yet. While waiting for them to announce new products, we dug through their new parent company’s trademark filings to speculate what will be released.

Grilla Mammoth

We saw Nexgrill recently release a vertical pellet smoker, and Grilla Grills may have an answer to that. They trademarked the name Grilla Mammoth, which is described as being in the category of vertical barbecue grills and smokers. We’ll see if it can compete with Nexgrill’s 80 lb pellet hopper and phone connectivity.


Portable fire pits are hugely popular right now, with Solo Stove being the king of the category. Grilla Grills registered the name Rampage for a portable fire pit. The name is possibly a nod to the building smashing gorilla in the Nintendo game with the same name. While Grilla Grills does sell gas grills, they’re more known for pellet grills, so we’d guess this is a wood fueled fire pit.

Other Possibilities

Beyond the obvious product names that were trademarked, there were filings to use the Grilla Grills name on a variety of products including pizza ovens, fryers and griddles. There have been so many pizza oven and griddle releases lately, that we’d guess those are the most likely. It’s worth noting though that companies do trademark their name for products as protection against anyone using their name, with no concrete plans to release the product.

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