The New Traeger Ironwood and Ironwood XL are Released

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The speculation is over and the new Traeger Ironwood and Ironwood XL have been released. It’s an all new design that is similar in looks and functionality to the new Timberline that was released last year.

Features and Specs

  • Retail price of the Ironwood is $1,799.99 (check price) and the Ironwood XL is $1,999.99 (check price)
  • The Ironwood has 616 square inches of cooking area, while the Ironwood XL has 924 square inches
  • Touchscreen controller
  • Super Smoke model with improved smoke production
  • Phone connectivity to control your cooks anywhere
  • Fully insulated for year round cooking and efficiency
  • Grilling light for easier cooks when the sun sets
  • Pop And Lock accessory system
  • Easy cleanout with the EZ-Clean Grease & Ash Keg
New Traeger Ironwood with Food
New Traeger Ironwood with Food

New Ironwood, New Sizes

While the new Ironwood has a new look and new tech, the sizing also changed. The outgoing model came in 650 square inches or 885 square inches for the larger model. The new model has a smaller base model and bigger big model.

Ironwood vs. Timberline

A question that will confront customers with the release of the new Ironwood is, “should I buy the new Ironwood or the Timberline?” They both are the latest models from Traeger and have further distanced themselves from the Traeger Pro models.


The first big difference is the cost between the two models. The Timberline is significantly more expensive than the Ironwood, costing nearly double.

The Timberline is Bigger

The Timberline models come with 880 square inches of cooking area for the base, or 1,320 square inches of cooking area for the XL model. The Ironwood XL is a little bigger than the base Timberline, but the Timberline XL is a much bigger grill.

Traeger Timberline XL Grill
Traeger Timberline XL Grill

Induction Burner

For the added cost a major difference is the Timberline comes with an induction burner on the side of it. This makes it more of an all-in-one cooking solution because you can cook sauces, sides and sear in addition to cooking on the grill.

MEATER Temperature Probes

While the new Ironwood controller can work with Bluetooth temperature probes, like the ones from Traeger owned MEATER, the Timberline comes with two probes. The Ironwood on the other hand, comes with two wired meat probes. If you want ones from MEATER, you’ll have to buy them separately.

Cabinet and Built-In Design

Both Ironwood models have a large shelf underneath the grill, right above the wheels. While that’s nice for storage, the Timberline has a full cabinet design that’s even better. The Timberline can also be built into an outdoor kitchen.


It ultimately comes down to personal preference on if the added features of the Timberline are worth it. For us, the new Ironwood and Ironwood XL are at the sweet spot for cost vs. features. We felt the same way about the outgoing Ironwood model.

New Traeger Ironwood XL Open at Home Depot
New Traeger Ironwood XL Open at Home Depot

Will There Be a New Traeger Pro

Now that both the Timberline and Ironwood have been redesigned, the look and technology of the Traeger Pro is the odd man out. We haven’t heard any rumblings this year of a new Pro, but we would guess that next year will feature a new Pro that gets some of the features of the redesigned Ironwood.


While the new Ironwood is more expensive than the outgoing model, it’s backed up by new and upgraded features. That feels more worth the money than if it was just iterative off the old model. We think Traeger really hit the mark with the new Ironwood.


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